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Dance Floor Diagram

Dance Floor Etiquette

Finding the Beat

Rhythm Issues

The History of Line Dancing 

Basic Line Dance Terminology

Basic Line Dance Steps

Line Dancing Terminology and Common Moves

For Beginners - Basic Steps Broken Down with Video Instruction:

                           Triples, Coasters, Sailors

                           Jazz Box, Kick Ball Change, Rocking Chair, Kick and Point

                           Vines, Weaves, Scissor Steps

                           Step Touch, Locking Steps, Rock Recover, Mambo Steps


                           Crossing Shuffles, Wizard Steps

                           Heel Jacks

                           Rhumba Box

                           Monterey Turn

                           Let's Talk About Turns!

                           Basic Steps Broken Down (12 minute video)

Basic Steps and How to Do Them (some with video)

Line Dance Steps - Video Contains 47 Common Steps (61 minute video)

Top Ten Steps with Video - Part 1

Top Ten Steps with Video - Part 2

Top Ten Steps with Video - Part 3

Beginner Step Instruction Videos

How to Read a Step Sheet

Tag, Restart & Out of Phrase Line Dancing

How To Line Dance for Beginners

Some Suggestions for Helping You Learn

The Ten Commandments for Happy Dancing

Ten Facts You Never Knew About Line Dance (and Were Afraid to Ask!)

Ten Good Reasons to Line Dance